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Existing Design Request

Existing Design Request

Choose from an existing design and have just your team name and colors change to give it your own team style!

  • Design Time

    Please count on receiving your design around 1 week after you submit your design fee.

  • Production Time

    Please understand that once the design is finalized, the roster has been submitted and payment has been received, you should plan on 4-5 weeks for production of your custom team gear.

  • Disclaimer

    Upon receiving all custom orders, we check over all gear to ensure no mistakes were made. Occasionally we do find mistakes from the production process and must resend those items in for correction. This can take an additional 2-3 weeks to fix and get out to the customer.

  • Existing Design Changes

    Please note, the purchase of this design fee includes the changing of the team name, jersey colors, and basic graphic/logo additions. Please indicate any changes up front. Any additional changes made after the initial mockup may require a $50 design fee.